Chinese Company OPPO Giving Foldable Smartphones

It’s time for a foldable phone. Meanwhile, Samsung and Huawei have shown their Foldable Smartphones. This time the Chinese company Oppo has shown the foldable smartphones. The phone was seen by Brian Shane, Vice President of Oppo.

Karen Brian posted a picture of the Foldable Smartphones on via Chinese social. However, Oppo did not make any announcement or unveil the phone.

According to Brian Shane in the post, the phone seen in the picture is basically a prototype. They have no plans to produce Diva. However, if the demand increases later, they will go into production, he said.

The phone looks a lot like the Huawei Mate X foldable. Oppo is even following Huawei’s design a lot. The device uses an OLED panel, which can be folded outwards.

On one side of the device is a thick bar similar to Huawei’s phone. Camera, flash, and other sensors have been installed in that part. However, it is still unclear whether the phone will go into production at all.

Even if they come to production, they will try to keep the price much lower, said Brian, the company’s vice-chairman.


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